As we re-open following Covid Regulations St Andrews Brigstock and St Peters Stanion are both hoping to add new facilities to their buildings. In particular serverys and toilets to enhance the hospitality they can offer. Both buildings are Grade 1 listed and of historical importance and so there are many hoops which have to be jumped through so things can take a while but do watch this space.   


September 2020: Diocese grant £30,000 to St Andrews towards new fcilities following the sale of the Rectory Rooms.

October 2021: Drain and water supply plans drawn up for St Andrews

November 2021: DAC* visit St Peters to discuss what is possible and what may be more difficult to proceed with.

January 2022: Plans submitted for DAC* approval Committee

June 2022: St Andrews recive permission from North Northants Council to proceed with drainage works

June 2022: St Peters PCC are considering a shortlist of Architects, so as to appoint one for proceeding with development works. Appointment to be made within a couple of months. 





* Diocean Advisory Committee. Recommends what work can be undertaken on historic Church buildings.