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 Our responsiility for four historic Church Buildings provides much work for our members and the Church Councils that oversee St Andrews Brigstock, St Peters Stanions, All Saints Sudborough and St Peters Lowick. We are every proud of our members success in maintaining these buildings for the nation. The major aspects of the joys, frustrations and challenges of maintaining these magnificent buildings, are outlined in the diary below.   


March 2019: St Peters Lowick has it's lead roofing stolen. Leaving a repair bill of approximately £130,000 of which insurers will pay out only £7,500. 

April 2019 - September 2021: A huge tarpaulin is placed as temporary cover on St Peters Lowick roof, which largely needed renewing a year later, after some harsh weather.

September 2020: Diocese pf Peterborough give grant of £30,000 to St Andrews, towards new facilities following the sale of the Rectory Rooms.

October 2021: Revised Drainage and Water Supply plans drawn up for St Andrews.

November 2021: DAC* visit St Peters to discuss what re-ordering is possible, and what may prove more difficult to get permission for.

January 2022: St Peters Stanion and St Andrews have plans submitted for DAC* approval.

March 2022: St Peters Lowick seeks permission* to install temporary roofing (lasts for 5-10 years), whilst finance sought for permanent repair. 

June 2022: St Andrews receive permission from North Northants Council to proceed with drainage works.

June 2022: St Peters PCC are considering a shortlist of Architects, so as to appoint one for proceeding with development works. Appointment to be made within a couple of months. 

September 2022 (- April 2023): Repair of part of St Peters roof with collyweston tiles in preparation for building upgrade. Repairs completed satisfactorily.

January 2023: St Peters Appoint Peter Rogan and Associates based of Nottingham, as Architects for re-ordering the inside of the Church building





* Diocean Advisory Committee. Recommends, advises and authorises what work can be undertaken on historic Church buildings


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